Tuesday, February 23, 2016

feeling unalive

Hello there, how was your day? It has been years since I last blog here, abandoned blog. I'm feeling unalive. When did I start feeling this way, I don't know. I used to think a lot, so much about my future, worry bout things that I shouldn't be, but at least I felt great. Now, I'm a real-life zombie. I wake up everyday and not knowing how I spent the rest of my day and then go back to sleep. There's nothing that I'm looking forward to. I used to love fashion so much but I lost my passion. Whenever something happens I'll just ignore it and my senses told me not to give a fuck, and that's how it led me into a brain dead state. Stay alive Joann Loo. Such a shame to waste your days being this way. Aim high because you deserve all the goodness in the world. (:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pinch of Addiction

hello earthlings, you must have missed me a lil. haha. it seems like i have been MIA for some time, but no dear.. i'm actually blogging somewhere else. yes, here! the reason why i still keep this blog? too much memories, whether immature, lame or depressed, it's all here. and i love it. (:

about pinchofaddiction, it's a blog managed by yours truly and le Shan Shan. we decided to blog together to supervise each other, as we are just another typical lazy bloggers. teehee! in this way, we can fill up blog posts when we have the time to do so. thus, the blog will look less lonely too. haha. so please, check us out here at

x, jo

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Sailor

Hello, it's me again. Oh well, who else could it be, right? Feeling much uninspired, hence explain why I rarely blog now. Life has been really... uninteresting. It's always about college, office, college and office. The thinking cap is not functioning at all. All it knows was eat, sleep, dramas, gossips and yeah, all the useless stuffs.Anyhoo, I cut my hair. Shoulder length! And so coincidentally, one of my fav blogger had a haircut too. Soul connection yaw! :D
Birthday is coming so soon. Personally don't fancy princess party, thus simple birthday dinner with the good friends will do. Simplicity with y brackets! Can't wait!!

Been in love with Kiko since her debut in Vivi. A trully amazing person. (: secretly wish to be someone like her. 

photos credit | pinterest | kiko mizuhara
xx, jo

Monday, March 18, 2013

Taste of Berries

Just paid off my credit card bill and I'm half broke. But man, the poorer I get, the more temptations there are! THIS THAT!! I want 'em all!!! Hence, wishlist!!

1. Benefit beauty kit. How To Look Best at Everything. 
Instant beauty kit to perfection!! Alrite, it's not the must have on my list, because I'm one of those lazy bum who don't really care about my own appearance. How could someone walk down the street with such poor complexion, unbrush hair and ugh... Yeah, that's me. So unglam. MEH!

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Spring Colors, Mint!
To be honest, I'm not into high cuts sneakers, but if it's this, I really wouldn't mind! Spotted someone wearing this in the college, and I just couldn't get them out of my eyes. 

3. Birkenstock, Gizeh Graceful Mint
It's new and out of stock!! Must be a big hit, I guess. And yes, mint color again. *wink* 

4.New Balance shoes. 
Eyeing on few pairs. Windbreaker series are good enough. Because Nike is too mainstream ;)

5. Lumix GF5
Need a camera badly!! G11 was certified dead it cost around 600 to repair. I rather buy a new one then. And this Lumix GF 5 is pretty enough to caught my attention. Okay, maybe not this particular brand, as long as it is nice (as in design), lightweight and with high megapixel. 

6. Everything Soap & Glory
I am not a pink believer, but Soap & Glory's packaging are just so sweet. I want everything on their display counter! But if you really gotta choose one among them, I guess their Sit Tight Intense XS is a must have for girls like me who has slightly cellulite conscious. Go, you fatty layers!!

7. MacBook Air or Pro?
I don't know what's the difference, but anything will do. I am sick of this laptop now. It is getting way too bitchy after I've gotten it repaired. Lagging like constipation!! Urghhhh!!

Okay, okay! Let's start saving and get some check on the list! 2013 is gonna be great *fingerscrossed!

xx, jo

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Keys

currently listening to:

look at his moves, he makes me wanna dance to those weird moves. (:

took so long to update this dead blog, was suppose to do a new year resolution, and 2013 wish list. but hey you sweet pies! Did I ever mentioned that I passed my A-levels? Like finally, i know. And that also means getting busier than I was before. Courseworks and also exam coming on August. It seems there's still long time to go, but you just don't know, time passes in a blink of an eye. Five months can easily passed by without you even realizing. My camera is so dead, it's gonna take almost 600 to repair, I guess I would just get myself a new one instead. Any nice and cheap camera for sale? :(

Kinda busy with work and assignments lately. This new house is really killing me! No wifi, how to do research??? I can only do it during office hour. Not mentioning I have lots of other works to do. Oh God, please send me money so that I don't need to work. I'm feeling like an old woman already. Scumbag brain is not functioning well lately. Couldn't understand things I've studied, and need to spend extra time and effort to reread again. Whyyyyyy? BRAIN, Y U NO SMART?

How I wish to blog like those fashion bloggers, take pretty photos, attend fashion shows, travel and those pretty shits! Okok, lesser complain and live a happy life *fingerscrossed*

xx, jo

Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Oh One Two, for the last time

Something worth listening to (:

New year eve was just good. Watched fireworks by the pool, it will be more than just good if there's alcohol in the house. Hahah. No, I'm not alcoholic, I just need crazy moments.Summing up my twenty twelve, it's not that bad you know. But but, hard times will definitely visit. It's not like a once in a lifetime thingy, it's an almost everyday surprise shiat!!

Jan: countdown, annual dinner, buddy bear, genting
Feb: Pulau Ketam, Valentines', CNY, Momsie's birthday, boyfie's birthday, anniversary
Mar: Aussie 7days trip. Most carefree days.
may: Weddings. Blessings. (:

may: Birthday!

june: Port Dickson with kiddos

July: Poco homemade\ zoo
july: langkawi
Aug: of meeting friends

Sept: Legoland
oct and nov were the exam month, hence grounded camera. dec, busy packing to shift house, shifted house then camera spoiled. but overall, 2012 wasn't that bad. really. (: just gotta stop being so emotional. more inspiration needed. need to get back the passion for fashion and also really need to start to lose weight!!! gained so much weight lately. meh!

p.s: received a text from a friend last few weeks saying something like she did not lived her life to the fullest. It sounded emo, and when I think again, did I? Did you? I often envy people who can just live happily with no worries in any form. Momentum needed!! Wolla 2013, please be very very good to me.

xx, jo

Thursday, January 10, 2013




或许会落寞 可是真的很想体验那种
不受拘束 不必等待
虽然是独自一人 却也可以很有意义的[旅行]

定下目标 再一一实践吧!

p/s: 21岁的人生万岁! (: