Friday, July 24, 2009

i've been annoying for u?
who cares?
even if u're someone important to me..
i kno i love u.. tat's all!!

i'm just expressing my feelings.. how i hate the way u talk to me like tat.. n u hav been ignored me for days.. i talk to u.. u dun answer me.. just nod nod nod!!
i rily got so damn fed up with u!!
i think it's rily becox of the gap!! year gap!!
wat is wrong with u thinking tat i'm wrong?
i do wateva u ask me to do.. i did!!
wat's the matter with u keep complaining tis n tat?!
i shud be the one who complain bout all tis stuffs!!

y am i the only one sharing to do tis houseworks but not the brothers?
the younger one u says tat he's stil small.. *absolutely a mama's boy!!*
not to say he's a baby cant talk cant walk..
for 14 years he's been living on tis earth!!
dun u think tat u're too protective to him n he even dun kno how to cook a simple maggi or even fry an egg!!
his clothes duno where he put he ask u, then u find for him oso!! cant he find himself?
tis is real simple things.. how is he gonna survive if he's gonna study overseas nex time?!
evyday dota, RAN, SA!!

then wat about the eldest one?
no better reason?!
n u tel me, u're a girl.. u shud hav learn to do tis..
wat a LAME answer!!
tat's so unfair!! and who's tat stupid tell u tis tat gals muz do all tis?
i learnt i do.. wat bout the bros?
no nid to learn no nid to do?><"
i got real PISSED with tis!!

i'm like no one to u..
not important at all..
u spread ur love to everyone but not me..
i'm like the one who's keepin the lefts!!

u say i show u faces, and u think u dun?
i'm rily tired of tis!!
i wont care how u think i am anymore!!

i'll leave tis house vy soon after my spm n i'll get myself a job!!
i wont use ur money after all~
tat's wat u wishing for, and i'm gonna do as u wish!!
and so tat u wont see my bloody freakin' irritating face!! =X

-to mum wif tears-

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