Monday, September 14, 2009


LMAO. i'm talkin bout tis, because i saw the post on jk's blog.
and i copied out some. =D

Humans are using each other to obtain what they want. Is this what we call... SELFISH?

sometimes i thought so. why must people using each other like that? why not they do everything themselve rather than askin for help? i don't like peple do this to me. but sometimes i do this to people. why must people using each other? i don't know. i don't understand. i feel bad whenever i do that but i will still repeat the same wrong thing i think that's not right.><"

and there's a woman. my mum's client. a total bitch. she think she's the only one that's busy. and so she want my mum to follow her and do whatever she think my mum have to do. but it's sunday!! my mum need a rest day. how could u ask my mum to go all the way to putrajaya to let u sign your stupid agreement? why not you go to the town and meet up somewhere?
so what if u work for the government? so what if u work under the PM?
that's really not in my mum's concern. a typist berlagak like she's the PM's wife?!
buy a bungalow there if you're really that good. a condo is really nothing. because we can afford two if we sell off tis house. cheh~

Why humans don't tell the truth out and be much more independent?

why i don't tell truth? because it will hurt others feelings.i don't wanna hurt anybody, if i stil have normal thinking.LOL you know, i'm quite a mean person. sometimes i don't think before i act, and so i will hurt your feelings. take my words or get lost. that's all i could say. and i know i got bad attitudes,but that's me. i don't mind if you don't like me.
see. i'm kinda caring too. =D
i don't force people to do things they don't like =)

i wanna be independent too. but that's kinda hard for me. because i'm lazy!!
i don't like to do everything all by myself. because i think sharing is caring. =D

what's the best thing i ever got in my life?

i wonder what is that. i don't know.
i've been thinkin bout this for more than 3 hours. but i seem to get nothing.
i thought i could answer this without taking long time, but it seems to be not. i still cant get any answer. i thought everything i have now is the best, but no.. not all!! or maybe not even one.
i thought my family was the best. but is it? i argue with my brother, and till now. we did not talk to each other. i love my mum, but sometimes i feel that she does not love me as much as i love her. or even as much as the way she love my brothers.
i thought my friends must be the best. really?! i don't know. sometimes i feel like i'm kinda odd among them. not at the time we're gossiping but when all of us gather and were discussing about something i thought that's important.
and sometimes i think i lose the best. because i let it go. i want him to wait for me. but i'm not sure if i really wanna go back to him or not.
and now, i can see how selfish i am!! ><"

i thought i'm satisfied with everything i have. i appreciate it. i do. but not satisfied. because i don't wanna lose anything.

-are you waiting?-

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