Wednesday, October 28, 2009

chioNESS, i sin alot..

i sin for not concentrate on my studies.
i sin for not catching up on things i do not understand.
i sin for not updating latest news about min ho. T.T
i sin for not being the most loyal 'wifey' to min ho..
i sin for watching astro on demand while having study group.
i sin for scoring 8/20 for the account question.
i sin for scoring 6C for moral instead of getting A1 last year.
i sin for spending all mummy's money to buy nice food.
i sin for not saving money to buy my COTTON UP denim shorts.
i sin for not saving money to buy my PROM dress.
and most of all..
i sin for eating TOO much..

wonder how much is that? i'll tell you..
it's like a BIG LOAD truck.

i sin for gaining weight.
i sin for telling that i'm gonna DIET but i actually did not.
and the reaon is because i can't give up on FOOD!!

OMDG.. please forgive me..

and i'm willing to do my best to concentrate on my studies to score as many A1 i could.
i'm willing to do more exercises to catch up my studies.
i WILL catch up more latest news about min ho and be the MOST loyal 'wifey' of him.
i will help myself not to watch astro on demand when i go to kenny's house.
i will try my best to score at least B3 for my account on SPM.
i will try my best to by heart all the moral values that i should and score A1 for it.
i will not spend mummy's money on food ONLY.
i will save my money to buy nice baju.
i will save money to buy my PROM dress.
i will lose weight to be a lil more slimmer than now.
i will not gain weight again..
i will reduce the amount of food i eat.

there's a talk today in our school. talking about how to release stress.
hmm.. what i feel is.. i personally think that it does not work.
because.. i'm busy chit chattin with caryn, wming and foofy.
and i actually do fight for food with mr pao. see.. food again, no wonder i gain weight rite?!
but that is for my stomach sake lahh.. my precious choki.. xD

anyway, for the halloween party. each of us have to pay for 10.
not that i'm kiam siap, but as we all know.. we are all students.
money not enough duhh.
so to be more a considerate person, i hope you guys will pay for it.^^

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