Sunday, November 8, 2009

chioNESS, GG Pool Villa

Grand Garden Pool Villa is the full name, but is too long. so i had rather call it GG Villa. xD

well, i gotta say tat i camwhored alot with bladdy pig(my younger brother). stupid loo jung-jung ( my elder bro) couldn't get up, so he missed the chance to stay at GG. XD

as i know, that GG is awesome!!
so i gotta check-check!! xD

so before that, camwhore is a must.

i keep holding that bladdy pig's 'antal'.

well, it should be bantal.
but his pronounciations last time
is really suck, so he call it
'antal'!! xD

still holding. =D

then he got angry when he saw me holding it.
thought that i like that busuk so much. =p

not talking for 15 mins.
don't understand why is he so unwilling to share that busuk.
as if that busuk is so HARUM!! =p

then he finally satisfied when we bought him KFC~

but i don't have>__<'

then he's so happy.. because he's so full.
bladdy pig~

then he started to share me some secrets. n___n

i'm so shocked when i hear that..

so i twisted my neck.. LOL
very lame. i know!! xD

from the above(S),
is all about our long journey
from KL to PD.

well before i proceed, i'm telling you that i'm gonna show you a few part of the villa.
and i really wish to tell you, that there's this bell boy working in this LEGEND villa, he's so handsome. <3
even that bladdy pig say so.. but too bad la.. it's written a 'trainee' on the tag but not his name. >__<

actually i messed this up already.
but for the image quality and cleanliness sake,
i cleaned it again. =D

this lamp is so cute. round on the top.
and tall. xD

that bladdy pig is cycling?! xD

the room.
nanny-goat look so lonely when her billy-goat is not there.

he found out i'm behind.
then start posing~ POYO!! xD

i actually not focusing at him.
but since he's looking, so i snap him in together.

ahh.. POYO as usual.. xD

very NOOB pose. xD

then acting cute. v^__^

we love each other. <3

we went swimming after camwhore. then dinner with my relatives and all. more photos are with elaine. i think she's not gonna upload so soon. so i gotta wait for more..

night time, i sleep beside thomas. and he was like

'why you sleep with me?'
'why? cannot?'
'i scare.. you know.. you're girl and i'm a boy..'
'so? you're my cousin what..'
'plus, i'm a virgin~'
'ahh.. off la.. i'm a virgin also what.
i won't wanna rape you even if you ask me to.'

then that bladdy pig laugh until terlebih sikit.

the next morning, that bladdy pig wake us up at 6.30 morning.. to swim!! all i can say that is, he really got mental problem. xD
but i still went to swim with him cause he say that i FFk him. the water is COOL. =__=
we went to an antique coffee shop for breakfast after that.

before that...

camwhore a bit. xD
a coffee a day,
take the calcium away.

i did not know this until
billy-goat tell me that. >__<

still early~

so i do a spell before everyone is awake.
i wanna call out rainbow.

i brought a greyish cloud over T-T

he's super cute when he put on the cap like that.
and wearing so red baju like a big angpao!! =x
look at that cap, satu malaysia duhh~ xD

it end here.
i'm very satisfied with this trip^^*

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