Wednesday, November 25, 2009

chioNESS, GGed.

the title says it.
my exam.. GGed.

well, it's not every subject. but most of it. LOL?!

REVIEW about those previous exams.


- i think i did it quite good. but the sad thing is.. i don't know what my result would be. hopefully that it will be great. haha!! xD


- AWESOME!! i think i would not score great marks like, 30/40. cause i did not really study for that. and what i do is. TEMBAK!! *piang piang!!* xD


-well, i still think that i could do better than what i've did. and i hope that i won't ruin the whole thing because of that essays ending. urghhh~


- the andrew choo's tips 'KENA TEPAT'!! did not really kena tepat. except for the pakatan murni thing and some blablabla. but referring to their website, the said ' tips SPM KENA HAMPIR 100%'. and i was like...

ahh.. whatever~


until this week, we've got math paper, moral and add maths!!


- i thought that it will be very hard for me. because you know, my math is really sucks!! but after paper I. i feel so relax. because it's not as hard as i thought it should be. hehee=)
then we got paper II on.. i could not really remember what i did with it. but i tried my best. so i hope i won't fail. cause i do really do whatever i know. *___*


- well.. gimme some claps. i could memorize all the nilai!! *WHEEEEE... * i think i did it quite well except for the question about 'warisan budaya malaysia'. WHAT'S THE NILAI? i don't know. but it's alright, it has past!! and i could not remember almost all of the maksud nilai after the exam. good good good. =)

today, is the day...


- no need to think a lot. i can tell you that i'm 99% sure that i'm gonna fail for it. but hopefully that the passing mark for this year is VERY LOW. so that i could pass easily. cause i did some questions.

ohh!! and and and.. in between the add maths paper I and paper II, there's a so call RECESS and REVISING time for all of us. i know i should revise at least.. A BIT. cause i'm really poor in this. but the laziness.. LOL. made myself to go relax a bit.. and so we went to wangsa walk for brunch and then i went to the nearest CC around our school. ROFL!!

hmm.. i went to pet society and restaurant city awhile. xD

then i went back to school around 1.30 and.. do some last minute revision. that i think it does not help. but at least i did something. and is better than nothing. HAHAHA!!

and i know you don't know but i hope you will know. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPM TO END!!

4 subjects left and 3 more weeks to go. i will be very patient.

to wait for the coming HOLIDAYS!! =)


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