Monday, November 16, 2009

chioNESS, halloween

sorry for the the delay post. i know i had been VERY late, but do you know how hard it takes to wait for the photos to upload and i need to edit 'em. so don't ngam ngam cham..

the thing to make the whole situation HIGH!!!

chivas~ *cheers*

i fry the fries.
then i run away halfway.
leaving zhi min and ken to fry them. xD

i found this spec at ken's house.
a cacated one. i love it so much.
ad so i keep wearing it while i'm eating. xD

well, this is the first time i eat spaghetti using chopstick.

lylia's camera flash is so strong =__=

i got no idea why she do this face. LOL

lylia and me.

ken adores lylia a lot. hahaha!!

sweet~ <3

the next dai kar jie wannabe.xD


wondering who's that drunk person?

covered face..

yea.. that's me.. =___=

well, let's see what wei yao says.

'how much she drank?' guo wei ask.

'lemmi count first...'


'total is 5 cups.'
'wahh.. really? so much?'
'dai kar jie mar..'


everyone was taking my drunk photo.

then i get up out of sudden.

continue drinking. LOL

i got no idea what i talking there. doing that face. lmao.

as i know, i'm laughing all the while.

suelyn looks drunk in this. but she's not.

take a look on foofy's.
blardy RED..

like this photo. =D

until today, i got no idea why i keep on squatting beside the sofa instead of sitting on the sofa.

looks normal.

actually still laughing.

unknown A ask' what you laughing?'
me '.....mmm.. ?? i don't know.'
then i continue laughing again. xD

even mahlau also tak boleh tahan. LOL.

then i got sober 30-50 mins later..
then start camwhoring. HEHEHE..

we're behind of ken.
me. zhi min. caryn.

ken and me.

me and wei ming.

jia li. me. caryn.

mrs chee busy cleaning the place. lols.

wwm and i.

caryn. joann.

CARYN!! <3

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