Monday, November 30, 2009

chioNESS, holidays.

holidays holidays. i can't wait for holidays!! xD

it's 30 nov. and we're having accounts paper tomorrow, but i'm still blogging. cause i really don't know what to do with my account. i scare that i will fail, but i'm still not preparing.

then the only thing i'm doing is.. planning my timetable for nice holiday trips!! *wheee..*

i want to go..
  • shopping!!
that's a must!! shop till i drop. xD

  • PENANG..

i want to go to the beach and go look for nice FOOD.

  • clubbing.
jia li!! i'm waitin.. haha!!

  • red box!!
ohh.. and i'm gonna do this before and after my spm end!!
sing kau kau!! until i got sore throat. i don't mind. tehee.. =]

  • countdown
for anything!! christmas and new year. wohoo~

  • party!!
yea.. parties!! organise lots and lotsa parties!! YAY!!

and there's a party organising at tai kor's house once we end our ert paper.
we're gonna drink.. drink.. drink a lot!! LOL
ahh.. i can't wait for it..
i wanna drink like.. now? please.. xD

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