Wednesday, November 25, 2009

chioNESS, i

tak boleh tahan

when i always send wrong message to wrong person.
and that wrong person did not reply and tell me,

'you sent wrong message.'

that makes me don't know that i texted the wrong person.
let me keep waiting and make me feel so impatient
until i text the right person for not replying my message.
it always caused me to be so embarrass because i text wrong person.
and makes me feel hatred for no better reason.

it's not like i purposely do that.
it's because.. most of you got the same or some very close name
that always makes me so confused.

and for some very perasan people will thought that i purposely do that to note them that i'm still alive or whatever it is. so that they know they shall at least text me and ask about how my life going on nowadays and blablabla.


i'm repeating this to tell you that i did not do it on purpose. i accidentally sent the wrong message.

don't act like you care when you're not.
i have really got enough with hypocrites.
just die somewhere out there, peacefully.

don't bother about how my life going on.
because i don't want you to know about my life.

i've grown up and i can differentiate which is lie and which is not.

you're the biggest LIES!!
that make me feel so sick of it.

love is LIES.
there's nothing such as forever,
because love never been truthful.

stop it with those promises and sweet talks such as,

' ILY, forever.'

proof it if you really mean it.

don't say you miss me if you don't.
because it should not be like that if you do.

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