Tuesday, November 17, 2009

chioNESS, lastly.

i'm still here before i leave for tomorrow.
i shall study, but omfg..
i'm suffering to death.

why must girl face all this problems?
you know how tulanful is that?

effing pain and i can't even study now.
even if i study, nothing could go into my brain.

you see, i studied sejarah for like 3-4 chapters. until now, the one and only thing i could ever memorize is.

what is nasionalisme?
nasionalisme ialah perasaan cinta akan bangsa dan negara yang menimbulkangerakan membebaskan tanah air.

and one more that i could memorize is faktor-faktor kemunculan nasionalisme.
hmm.. pengaruh luar. pengaruh agama. media massa. karya kesusasteraan. and... sistem pendidikan. adding with their huraian which i could not really hurai it.

feel kinda fucked up. urrghh!!>___<
i don't wanna fail sejarah.

sudah makan panadol pun macam tu..
babi betul!!

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