Saturday, November 21, 2009

chioNESS, SPM suck.

i'm back. before 7th. haha. but i'm gonna update a lil' about spm only.

feel indifferent these days.
i shall feel happy but i'm not. i thought i'm sad but i'm not.
wth i want? i don't know.





strike out those three subjects. i left 7 subs, then i'm free!! *wheeee..*
anyway. i know i'm gonna fail my add math, so.. i'm ready..

that day, the first day of exam. we've got BM paper 1 & 2 and sejarah paper 1.
we went for lunch at kfc before BM paper2 start.
when we decide to leave, it start to rain. HEAVILY!!
then we were like, WTF =X

we called tai kor, ask him to fetch us back to school before we are late for exam.
thank god he came, but we still get wet.
i'm like wearing a see through cloth on me. then suelyn take off her shoe because it's too wet.
and blardy hell. i shivered a lot!! bladdy cold weather, i should have brought my jacket along.
and that will be my best exam day in my life.

then the next day, i brought my umbrella along. but it does not rain. at all!!
we were all expecting that it will rain that day, but did not. =___=
urghh~ but we are happy. cause we've got rest day until sunday.
then i will be so dead when it comes to monday.
math is suck. i even screwed up my sejarah paper.
i wonder.. how many A's will i get this time?


*swears a lot!!* RAWR!!

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