Sunday, November 15, 2009

chioNESS, to those novs babes.


i'm so sorry fo not buying present for any of you.
but i gotta say, i'm glad to meet ALL of you. =)

I LOVE and YOUuu..!! <3>
10th nov

happy belated birthday, apple. knew you since form 2, maybe we're not as close as how we used to be last time, but i would not forget the way you tell me you're 38 and asking for forgiveness if you and suelyn do ever disturb me. if you did not tell this, i guess.. i won't have nice memories in my form 2 year.

all the best in your SPM!! you can do it. i know you can. love ya.

15th nov

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, loo jung jung. one more year, you can enter casino already, i know. but please don't go ask for money debt from ah long please. hopefully you can graduate for your S.A.M. this year.
as a sister, i really gotta say that i'm happy to have you. but there's always times that you make me feel sick of you. the way you sleep until like there's no tomorrow. i do really hope to see more changes on you. can i? i don't wanna spend my time on waking you up, can i?
stephanie is really a nice girl to be. you must know how LUCKY you are, having a cute and sexy girl like her. so don't you ever let her go. get her back to be my sis-in-law please~ xD

although theres times you PMS like a bitch, but i still love you lots like a full truck load.
it had been ages, i didn't see your straight hair. please help yourselve to get a stylist and get a better hairstyle for you. you really need to get rid of that QQ hair already.

and it's seriously unfair that you can go australia for one month!!

16th nov
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, kia ying. i know there's gonna be a lot of your admirer posting wishes on your FB wall post. so before theirs flood mine, i will rather just wish you here.
the most influential girl in our school. pretty and cute. i could not ever forget how those guys screaming for you on the graduation day. HAHA.
we may not be very close friend but you've been a very influential girl in among all of us. influencing us to have the same habit as you, starting to buy lots and lotsa comics. even there's times that i don't understand what are you trying to talk about, but.. i will still try my best to understand you and laugh together with you when there's in need. xD
you're always cute. <3

21st nov.

very funny picture of that buttpig. LOL.
uncountable nickname i had change for you, and so did you. i got no idea why i call you octopus. but i could not forget how you always insult me and say that i'm brainless. bakchi and blablabla. i know sometimes i may be as irritating as a cockroach for you. but deep down your heart, i know, i'm irreplaceable. xD
although you always spray me using your ridsect or shieldtox. but see, i'm still standing here for you. i don't wanna die before paying you back the 2 bowls of tom yam that i owed you for years..
i appreciate a alot for having such a smart friend as you. sometimes maybe i cant catch up your smartness. but please don't leave me there being such a dumb. i know you're kind. because you always save me before i could ever fell into those GRAVES.
how could i have such a smart people as friend? i got no idea. but i gotta say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my precious OLD friend. xD

all of you,
you're all important to be a part of my life.
it really does not make sense how i got such a lucky life,
to have friends and family members like you guys.

i know how much you love me,
and i wish to let you know that,
i love you too.

you know you're special,
i need you.

just like how much i need oxygen to survive.

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