Friday, November 6, 2009

chioNESS, truth or dare?


1. Is it true people hate you?

-i thought so.. cause i hate them too!! xD

2. Is it true that you wet your bed before?

-of course!! xD when i'm small. dpn't tell me you didn't.

3. Is it true you have farted during class?

-ahh.. i think so.. LOL

4. Is it true you have a crush and they dont know?

-how you know you like someone or not? IDK!!

5. Is it true life has no meaning?

- nahh.. you won't know when you are not into it.

6. Is it true you have uncontrollable sexual urges?

-ahem.. NO!! i'm not that DESPO!! XD

7. Is it true you enjoy the company of electronics instead of friends?

-company of electronics? friends come first. xD

8. Is it true you have embarrassed yourself horribly in front of a big group of people?

i think so. but i can't remember what is that.

9. Is it true your a horrible kisser?

- my lips are virgin. hahahaha xD

10. Custom Question(just tell a truth about you that most people dont know)

-what? i've been very truthful to people. okay? xD

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