Monday, December 21, 2009

chioNESS, 11 days left?!

and i'm having a serious PMS.

time pass so DAMN fast..
it's dong zhi tomorrow.... (it's a festival which i don't know what is it in english. )
then i thought i should blog something about it. but due to PMS-ing, i'm very dulan after i reach home. i don't know why. cause PMS~
so.. no dong zhi post for this year. aight?

as what i mentioned yesterday, i went for a medical check up.
they checked my,

eyesight. hmm.. not bad. but still need glasses.
blood pressure. i don't know how to differentiate if it's good or very good. =P
height. tall enough. 167. i always thought i'm 168 T___T
weight. that heaviness that i really think that's obese!! wtf =x

urine test?! i wonder who the hell who start to do this urine test thingy. so weird one.. but i didn't do. cause i'm not allow to do it during this period. LOL

then the next step, i have to do an appointment with doctor to go for more detail. and i hope to get a female doctor that's friendly and kind enough one. so that she can let me fail the test easily.
your kindness is appreciated. then i will love you much much, and send you apples everyday. so that you can keep yourself from all kind of sickness, and become very strong. but make sure you don't share it with your patient, if not they will keep you away. hahahaa.. LAME~

so.. after the medic check up, uncle bill went to meet up with mummy then they go to meet their customer. then dropped me at masjid jamek station. what i do? i go KLCC to find caryn and meet up with john chin.
we watched two movie, that is the bodyguard and assassins. very nice movie. go watch go watch!! xD
then the next movie is jump. ermm.. is a very stephen chow style movie. some people will like it, and some people won't. cause not everyone can get his humour. and i? i only can get half. LOL
then for the one who got phobia to all kind of birds. don't watch the starting part.
xxde.. the stupid chicken head and duck head scare the hell out of me duhh~ almost scream out when i see that roaster 'pok pok' here and 'pok pok' there. ****!! tuttt...
then i keep on laughing when i hear the girl sitting infrond of me laugh. the way she laugh.. as if like the movie is so funny. but it's actually not. and the whole cinema.. got 12 of us only. and that john scare me before the movie start screening. cause the room is so dark when we get in it. not even a single light is open. and is freaking dark. then john tell me front seat got 6 people. then i see see, no one. i thought i'm too blind to see anyone in dark.
then when the movie start screening. you see, there's a lil light. i don't see anyone sitting at the front seat that john mentioned. then we both got scare. LOL
anyway, i find the actress, kitty zhang looks a bit like song hye kyo. so pretty~ don't know how they looks like? go google yourselve. i no mood.

then now i become more and more.. emo?! wtf =x
let's see.. wwm, ken and foofy going to work at wangsa walk on the 22nd jan. and the pay is rm100 per day? what turff.. i wanna work there with them also. but i cannot. thanks to the stupid NS!! yea.. i blame everything on it. cause it is the one who blame. or maybe i should say government is the one to blame? yea. totally. exactly. and that's it!!

then.. to release my tension, and anger because i cannot work.
i started to disturb the buttpig. LOL

joann : dota dota. everyday dota.
buttpig : =.= u noisy wat?
joann : cannot at?
buttpig : can can.
joann : then you diam diam let me bising.
buttpig : bising at sms la. then you will sakit hati a bit. wakaka.
joann : i dowan. i got no money dy. then you want me to waste my credit to text u.

(then he didn't wanna choi me, cause he know i pms for the whole day dy. LOL. then i start to ngam ngam cham while he's dota-ing.)


i tell you, i really don't want to go NS. you see ar, i go there i cannot work. everyone working but i everyday gai gai. i feel damn lifeless. even i used to or still spending my life everyday like this. but holiday, cannot work very cham one you know? 11 days more, i'm leaving!!dammit!! then ar.. on the 22nd jan, my friends going to work at wangsa walk. rm100 per day. damn good pay know? i want to work there also. but i cannot. cause by the time they're working. i'm in NS. you see la.. DAMN SUI!! (then i typed some alienish.. and continue,) i tell you!! i feel like banging the wall. then pull my heart and all the organs out and punch it till blue black. so i no need to go NS, then i can go work. so good. but now not good. cause i still have to go NS. cannot work. when i got no work, i got no money. when i got no money i cannot go shopping. i cannot go shopping equally to no life. when i feel lifeless, i don't know how should i continue living. but now i don't feel like dying. tell me HOW?

then he send me text message,



after the whole thing, i go cari pasal with the LOO BABI upstairs. use his towel to beat him, slap his big butt and i even bite him. but still like this. PMS..

that's why people say, women are scary. and i'm one of those. tehee.. =]

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