Saturday, December 19, 2009

chioNESS, 12 days

OMG!! less than a half month. i'm starting to have homesick now. don't feel like leaving home for a dang long period like i used to. except if my mum is with me out there. alright. i know what you're thinking. wanna tease me, telling i'm a mummy-girl? who cares? cause i am!! blahh~

time pass so damn fast, i have not prepare at all. i really don't want to go NS. ><
and now i'm wondering how if i have to go study overseas next time?
but there's actually difference. right? RIGHT!!
cause NS is torturing, suffering, sunbathing (which i didn't ask for) and time wasting.
and study overseas is way better, cause i ask for it, i don't think i will suffer except for the assignment part, i will enjoy a lot knowing new friends that is all foreigners. i can gain knowledge. no one will force me to go sun tanning for no better reason. no one will make me go kawad under the hot sun then make myself as dark as charcoal. BLADDY KAMBING!!

PLUS!! this NS thing make me receive LESSER angpau that i could ever get for the coming CNY comparing with the previous CNY.
then i will be super dark when you see me the next time when i'm back from NS. or maybe you won't see me?! cause i'm too dark for you to find out where am i to be and actually i'm standing right infront of you. but you don't know, cause you thought that it is a walking black wall.

mygawdd~ i could not imagine how i will looks like after that.
and some of them even says that, instead of losing weight they gain weight after coming back from NS .
make me don't want to go NS more to the MAX!!

why they gain weight?

cause they train you and feed you, like nonstop!! WTF =X
5 meals per day? are you kidding me? NO!!
let me see, breakfast,1. lunch, 2. dinner, 3. then? HI-tea,4. and supper, 5.
watturfff to the MAXXX!!

living life like a trained swine.

now i feel like banging my head to the wall, and make myself to become a total PKBP. so that i can escape from NS.

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