Wednesday, December 16, 2009

chioNESS, 15 days..

i got less than a month time ONLY!!sigh.

and my contact lens broke before i go to the party last night. i take out from the container and try to wear on. it shall be curved as usual, but i was torn into two. and deep in my heart, i was swearing and shouting. i can't scream out loud due to.. i've got company. wtf=x
i know i shall buy spares one. and i always thought that i don't need to buy any spares one cause i'm not gonna wear it anymore till the day i come back from ns. and now, i'm totally speechless..

nevermind.. i will buy a new one later. and hopefully mummy will pay for it. kay? =)

and to the whatever spokeman or promoter of that always send me stupid messages through the phone. i'm not interested with your whatever pulau carey single 1day tour. and i don't need whatever cupid match. go die.. you go die. try to con me? you go die!!
i'm not that desperate!!

and one thing that i realize, that's those so call spammers/ stalkers/ balless cowards/ lifeless creature/ etc etc, they would not continue spamming your blog, chatbox or comment box once you reveal their identity or tell them 'i know who you are'.

that's why i call them losers.. =)

i wanna go buy some studs, fabrics and.. flowers to do some D.I.Y. anyone free?

why i don't call my close friends? let's see..
caryn and wwm gotta work. i wanna work too.. T-T

suelyn dating with john.. he's leaving to aussie next year.
and i think we can do our farewell party together. xD

jia li went to camp. urghh.. i'm goin next year, for 3 months long..

zhi min going to aussie tonight, and will be back on the christmas night.
so good, i wanna go too...

kia ying went genting with her friends. i think we shall go when caryn got off day. =)

ryan is equally

wei yao and jj got work.

kenny going melaka, johor and singapore for a week.

tai kor.. oh yea. tai kor.. he's free.. rite?

zhen-whei.. busy dating also..

jk.... very busy studying.. and he only got time for me on the 8th of DEC 2010.
bloody busy punyer babi...

tim soon... he's officially free after today's paper. xD
but i don't think he got time for me also.. that buttpig. busy dota got la.. >< loo babi? i ask him to go see battleground live show at MOS euphoria also he reject me!!
everyday RAN..SA.. DOTA.. CC..

then jung jung is going aussie tomorrow with his dear. and gonna stay there one month long? wtf=x so good~ iosowan!!

guess i'm going myself.. no!! i will get some one to accompany me, no matter what!! =x

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