Tuesday, December 15, 2009

chioNESS, 17 days

yeahh.. i will eat you up, babehh~ ♥

last paper. tomorrow is the last paper and i can't wait for the SPM celebration tomorrow!! mygawd~ exciteduntilwanttodie!!
even i live my life like i got no exam, but i can still feel the kancheongNESS.
wohoo~ and as you can see.. i just changed my header.
i got really sien with my previous header already. plus, that face.. really can scare people to hell.
and now, you can see lotsa ME!! *wheee..*

i really need to plan my goddamn short holidays. 17 days more.. what should i do?><
and did i mentioned that i bought a bunny ear hairband?
i am forcing everyone to wear on this. LOL. but only my cute lil bro willing to act cute with me. xD

noob pig with bunny ears.

i think i gotta bring this to tai kor's house. then make everyone wear it on and take photo. xD
ohmygod.. so cute can faint. i can't wait to see all of them wear this. hahahaha..

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