Monday, December 14, 2009

chioNESS, 18 days.

well.. since i have finish watching YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. i shall get myself some new drama to watch.. anyone to recommend?

i'm currently watching hi my sweetheart, 海派甜心 by rainie yang and show luo.
but i have to wait for every episode for like a freaking week!! urghh~ why can't they show it like everyday instead of every week? i wonder how the taiwanese feels when they were waiting for the next episode.

will it finish before i go for ns? T-T

and you can see how funny show luo's hair is in the beginning. looks a bit like the lu guang zhong's hair. LOL
and everytime talking about lu guang zhong. i will think about my brother. cause my cousins were telling me that my brother got the same style and he always acted like how lu guang zhong do. LOL.

show luo as lin da lang/ xue hai

lu guang zhong the so call rocker? xD

loo weng jun on the left.
i have to say that his 38ness is so likely to show luo.

下一站,幸福 seems to be a good drama. and that small kid is so cute. <3
and korea is like having an IRIS fever. i know T.O.P is in it. but.. is it nice? worth watching? IDK.
终极三国 is like super long!! and i had stop watching til the 6th episode.
then hero by lee jun ki.. i wanna watch that too.. but i got no enough time.. ><'

went to sungei wang with suelyn for lunch at t-bowl.
the place is quite good. interesting. but i have to say that the food is... not good.
maybe we both were not lucky enough to get the nice food, but i just don't feel it's good.
then we went to pavilion and ordered a chocolate affair at chocolate before we leave.
ahh... dark chocolate is not good to dip with strawberries.
and why is there oranges to dip with chocolate? so weird..
AND!! we don't have marshmallows to dip with. >_____<

i know you got your things to do. it's not your fault for not accompanying me. i understand. i can't say that i'm not angry, but now i feel better. so don't feel sorry to me. i know you will feel bad for not accompany me even you promised. but i truly understand. no worries. you just need to come with me once you got day off. kay?

i love you too.

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