Tuesday, December 29, 2009

chioNESS, 2 days

i woke up early today.. and i'm waiting to go to the medic check today. but i don't feel like goin cause i got sore throat.. for singing too much lately==
then i'd a nightmare. i dreamed that i'm send into the ns camp, not another place. but on my way to sarawak camp. DENG!! i hope this dream would not come true. T-T

well.. i went to the gathering and met some of my primary school friends on the monday. it seems to be awkward.LOL. but i think it's normal, cause we have not gather and meet each other for 5 years long. WALAO!! but luckily ryan is there. and i met my primary times' besties. then i CONFIRMED, that i'm not a social person!! totally not. cause i got nothing and i don't know what to talk to them when i see them. i hate being like this, cause i seems to be so not friendly.. but i actually wanna be a lil bit more sociable.. T-T

Boon Tiong aka TBT, Guy Eon aka Guy-Guy, Yap, Maw Jia aka MJ, Zheng Jing aka Boss,
Mer Win aka Miao Win, Hui Zhen, me and Sweat Hui. (from up right to the bottom left)

the most SWT part is, when i'm ready to sit and wanna take photo. Yap (the guy in red shirt w/o wearing cap one..), we are in the same school for years. then he's like, 'you wanna take also? we've been in the same school for years dy. i see you everyday wor..' and he give me that bladdy sarcastic face. then i just turn and sit down.

Hui Zhen. my besties.

she used to be taller than me, and now i'm taller. LOL
anyway, i like this photo too. =D

Yen Yen, Yuppy, Hui Zhen and me.

me and sweat hui

**there's more photos, but it's all with smal. gotta wait for her to upload.

we went greenbox to sing K after lunch at dragon-i. and half of them went back before the K session. then left 10 of us singing. i enjoyed but not most of the time. cause i'm not active and not sociable. reached home at around 10. and luckily i didn't follow up for the bintang walk, cause i'm half dead. bladdy exhausted dy.

then yesterday, went out with wwm, caryn and jia li to sing k again. then bought 3 more comics and i bought a very cool shades. LOL. got a call from yap while we are on our way back. then we went KLCC for movie. and we watched the treasure hunter, starred by jay chou and lin chi ling.
people says that the movie sucks but i personally think that the movie.. not to say good but nice. and it will be better if the male leading is not jay chou. LOL.
lin chi ling( the famous taiwanese model and the feamle leading), is HOT!! plus her acting is good.
then the storyline goes weird when the so call desert eagle hawk and jay chou fight for the girl and bla bla bla. in not more than 2 minutes time, the eagle and the other girl walk back to their village. cheh~ ==

and for now.. i'm back from medic check up. done with all the physical and x-ray thing after an hour time. and the doctor says that i'm physically healthy, so she can't make me to avoid the NS. so she helped to postpone the thing. for me is like, better but it actually didn't help. so to make myself avoid it for now.. i'll now prepare and welcome my college life in 7 days time. and yeah.. i know you're so bored to see me doing all those countdown stuff for when i'm going to NS. so for ow, i'm not gonna countdown for when i'm entering the NS anymore!! xD


then i still feel tired now. so i'm gonna take a good nap and then will be awaiting for tomorrow!!

anyone wanna join us to countdown tomorrow? lai lai.. you're most welcome. =P


ZhEN said...

Used to taller than you?
I'm bet you forgot that you taller than me since last year of primary school life.
You taller than me, girl~

Will miss you. ♥

♥ J'ADORE JoJo ♥ said...

is it? i thought you're taller than me. lol. nvm.. t doesn't matter^^

will miss you too ♥