Monday, December 7, 2009

chioNESS, 200th

oh look!! i've got 200 posts!! it's like finally =)

sharing you some photos..

this was taken on the day we go to melacca.
suddenly uncle bill appears.. xD

mummy and uncle bill.
he's actually showing a funny face but not obvious. =D

mummy was acting cute. =3

then we went for the nyonya food at

and here starts with some random photos.

i didn't see people playing POKEMON for a
loooooonnnggggggggggg time.

then i get to see it when i went mum's office that day.
loo jung jung is so free. x__x

ahh.. millionaire <3
brought him for haircut today.
remember this cute look of him. cause you will get to see a BOLD-millionaire the next week

this is kenny. blowing bubbles. LOL
damn bangga he can blow a BIG one.

close up!!

for your information.
almost all of our close friends got this picture. xD
so cute.. can recognize who is this?
i bet you do.
yea.. you're right. is KENNY.xD
grab it before it's too late.

KENNY vs kenny? xD

and this upcoming one is quite exciting one.
small girls and boys are encourage tocover your eyes and hide aside at the corner.


are you ready?
make sure you prepared your tissue. xD
cause i scare you beh tahan..


you sure you ready?
then here it comes..

sexay~ sexy post by Loo BaBi. xD

i took this when he's sleeping.

24 days to go..
make sure you miss me.

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