Sunday, December 6, 2009

chioNESS, 26 days.

YO READERS!! i'm back from melacca and PD. =D

life had been about EATING lately. and i really do eat A LOT LOADS. AND NOW... i do not dare to check on my HEAVINESS. T-T

guess what?! i went to the melacca crocodile farm. LOL. because my noob bro wanna meet his lovely noob crocs. then we went for some nice but quite pricey and small portion nyonya food. should have meet caryn at melacca but so sorry to keep you waiting. and thanks to my bro and uncle. =___=
sorry again, caryn.

then we went to PD after dinner. i could not believe that elaine actually got her license for 3-4 years already. but this is like the second week she really drive around. she's really got no different from those P license holder. but her driving skill is really not bad lahh.. so uncle sim can really don't mumble already. and the way he mumble is like scolding, that freaks me out. =P

our family went to hassan's place for supper. aunty shirley strongly recommend their roti canai, but to be honest.. it's really nothing different from the others, it's just that it is not oily. then we stay over at aunty shirley's house. and we (me, my bro, niclas and thomas) were having a movie marathon until 4 a.m. LOL. we watched the mummy returns (1,2 &3).

went for medical check up at uncle teh's clinic. cause i'm having a difficulty in breathing for a long time. and as from what he say and what i heard is, i may have a small hole on my heart. or maybe my lungs are weak?! no idea. but this shortness of breathing really worried my mum. gotta go check check again. =___=

ahh.. it's ekonomi paper tomorrow. yea.. i know there's lots of you are happy cause it's gonna be the last day of your exam tomorrow. no need to show off kay? cause i will slap you on your face if you mention it infront of me tomorrow. =)

gotta go revise now. tadaa.. =D
*photos will be upload A.S.A.P.*

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