Friday, December 4, 2009

chioNESS, 28 days

went to watch new moon again. and goddamn, i forget to bring my wallet out. like yea, no need to pay for anything, at all. xD
i really wanna buy the t-shirt, but my wallet~ T-T

there's lots of movie comin' out, and i'm so not gonna miss 'em all. cause i will watch them all!! xD
and for the last movie, i've planned to watch before i leave for NS, that's so gonna be 'Do You Hear About The Morgans'. jessica sarah parker, still so hot even she looks quite old. *paiseh, i don't mean to be mean.*

ohh.. for lunch? yea, xiao long bao again. and 'ding tai fung' is gonna open a new branch at pavilion. i don't need to go all the way to gardens for xiao long bao anymore. hehee..=)

and i finally went to ATC to ask about my course and all stuff. i can't say no, even if i don't really like that college. and hopefully i can graduate for a-level in that 9 months. i don't wanna stay long studying there for another 9 months+..

and it sounds like mum's gonna buy me a car.... teheee..=)
what's my dream car?
i really want a volkswagen beetle, cause it's cute!!
but no i won't want that for my taiwan and hong kong trip sake. xD
so i want a suzuki swift if possible.. and like what we've planned earlier. all of us are gonna get ourselve a suzuki swift in different colours. i'mma gettin myself WHITE. if possible. LOL

or... i want i30!! it's like so cool when i saw hyori's cf. whooo~ RED is HOT!! xD

and attention to my dearest girl-girl, boy-boy:

there's gonna be a party held at tai kor's house right after our last paper on the 16th dec.
and the SPMers are most welcome. =]
get ready your fireworks and all to celebrate our SPM that's gonna over.
please wait for us at the school front door and we will all head to tai kor's house for a crazy night!! xD

*whispers to tai kor, liquors are free flow right? xD*

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