Wednesday, December 30, 2009

chioNESS, 311209


cause everyone's keep telling happy new year, and i wonder why they don't have happy old year?
i know very lame, don't tease me. i'll kill you!! ><

buttpig : you will mind this when someone keep talking to you with wtf english. 'OI YOU CLAIM DOWN LA CAN ANOT?'

me :..... 0__0

buttpig :there's my friend, his english is as good as your millionaire.

me : (LOLed so hard and think that i'm gonna LMAO.)

buttpig : he want me calm down, but he say CLAIM DOWN CLAIM DOWN. i thought he typo, but he wasn't.

and the funny part is that he says that his coursemate or whatever, the english level is as good as my millionaire. LOL. then you must be wondering, what's that so funny. and you'll be like, she must be lifeless and got nothing else to laugh about. WHATEVER!!

while i'm being so lifeless. i went to see almost everyone's profile. and i realize that this ryan foo joe, the so call tofu. got a crazy fan, fulamakly in love with him. and i personally think that he cannot tahan her already. LOL. cause she keep commenting on his wall and even his chatbox on the blog. and her blog, is EVERYTHING about him. LOL

i'm so grateful that i'm not as crazy as her. and thank god that, i love min ho to the max and it's not over the limit. xD

and it's already 3.30am. i still haven't sleep. then i gotta go work at mum's office tomorrow, i mean later. i'll surely diao by her kao kao!! but i still don't feel like sleeping even i'm sleepy. cause i've got a nightmare, and that mad man chase me holding a knife and wanna kill me. F U!!

gonna sleep now. good night^^'

-last good night of 2009-

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