Saturday, December 26, 2009

chioNESS, 5 days.

so i still got 5 days to go, then i'll be sent to sarawak? like NO WAY!! but have to.. FML.

well, i was late for movie again. but i didn't wake up late, i'm late cause i got appointment with dentist, and yea... i think i need something that can make my brain memory better. then i asked everyone to wait for me at lrt station?! but i did text them and inform them the day before kay?

and for that person who's late and let my dear suelyn and ken keep waiting one(no not you, jia li.), what's your excuse? HUH?! ==

then i went for dinner with my family, and we have crabs. nomness~ xD

after dinner, mum saw a big stack of new comic of mine. then i got diao by her kao kao. LOL. but that's my only entertainment when i can't online. so why don't let me buy? and since you gave me the money, it's mine. don't la angry.. i LOVE you A LOT, kay? =D

and i was thinking if i shall go genting or not. but i lazy wor.. some more i got gathering with my primary school friends on monday. so i decided? yeshh..

for my girls, i wanna go stay overnight at lylia's on the 30th. wanna come along? i'm goin after my appointment with doctor. come lahh.. then we can have girls' talk. and we can go countdown on the 31st. come lahh~

text me if you want to^^"

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