Friday, December 25, 2009

chioNESS, 7 days.

i seriously envy those who can celebrate christmas at other countries.. like my brother and his girl, they are spending their holiday in australia. so nice.
and cheesie.. she's at japan.. and it's snowing. how nice she'd got a white christmas.

jun & stephanie.

it's like an early honeymoon plan for both of them. so nice.
if i'm not wrong, they just depart from melbourne to sydney for christmas.

and i like the charles and keith bag. =)

i thought the weather there should be kinda cold. but, she's wearing sleeveless?
well, maybe the sun is hot. LOL.

i wonder when will msia sea water be turquoise . T__T

this is even better. got a big hug from the fake koala. xD

i want a bear hug too~ <3

sun shines.<3

gonna watch alvin and the chipmunks 2 tomorrow with my buddies. i promise i won't be late kay? and i totally forgotten that i got appointment with my dentist, so don't be angry while waiting kay? iloveyou, my babes.

i've got one week time left. and i really don't wanna talk about this. *sobs*

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