Thursday, December 31, 2009


went yum cha session with tai kor, JJ, suelyn and john at old town. LOL
and we have a BLOODY mini countdown session also. xD
it's not really NICE, but at least.. i kiss 2009 goodbye together with my friends.

then i shall not have that idea of calling her and wishing happy new year. cause it makes me feels like, i'm not important at all. WTF. it's not like i wanna be rude or what, but at least.. inform me that you're here. i won't know if i don't call, totally disappointed!! T___T

it's not like we don't wanna celebrate together with you. and you're the one who says you're busy. so who to blame? i really really really really really hope that 2010 is a good year, and i don't want all this things to happen again. i don't wanna feel disappointment on you guys, cause i love you as my best friends. and you're a part of my life. so why must you hide everything from us and create lots and lots of stories? then no point being a friend like that. i hope you understand, alright? i never wanna make things like this and being so mean like how i am now. i do really care. =(

anyway, i don't wanna fulfill my new year, new day with those shits. FML


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