Friday, December 25, 2009

chioNESS, i wanna

flood my blog with xmas post today.

but i got no idea what to blog about. ==

currently listening to: wedding dress by taeyang.

well.. i thought i should have sleep at this hour, cause i don't wanna be late for tomorrow. and i found that i've been influenced by my brother.. cause i couldn't wake up when my alarm rings, and i got no idea if that it really rigs or not. maybe i shall change to another alarm ringtone right?
then i'm waiting for cheesie's new post too. cause she asked to visit her blog for new post tonight.. but still not up? hmmm...
and for those who don't know, the pool party canceled. cause of the shortaged of people? as expected. then i came out with another idea. why not we go red box in the morning, then we go for two movies. after that we can go countdown after dinner. good? or great? =)
i really hopes that you guys will come along kay? the more the merrier. isn't it?

and i'm thinking, what's wrong with the network nowadays? streamyx problem? shall i potong? since everyone potong also.. or maybe it's because my house got too many lines on?
why i think that? cause i even need one and a half hour to get a 4 minutes and 50 seconds mv done loaded. fiuu~ i got hard time waiting, know?

i even search out all my old photos. frigging funny one!! mygawd.. and when i look through all those, i think... actually i'm quite slim, for last time. HAHA!! and now? totally an emerge to obese. wtf =x

then when i think about what i had actually did for this year, the conclusion is..


comparing to last year, i studied very hard cause i had pass through the suffer after PMR. and i thought i shall be more hardworking and make my mum to be proud of me. but i ended up playing like a mad monkey that ran out from the zoo. and i did not listen to teacher while they teaching? i mean it's like.. i wanna find out some people to be blamed, but i found no one. cause i'm the one who makes myself behave like this. and this is such a crap!!

but one thing i never regret is to ponteng hiew's period. *smirks*
and i was thinking, how can i tahan that saras and still attending her class like everytime? LOL.

then i thought i was telling that i don't know what to blog about minutes ago, but i craps out a lot huh? yea.. long post again.. i know you cannot tahan with all this alphabet, and i bet no one will finish reading the whole post. LOL. but nevermind, i just need a space to let me crap out my mind.

well, now i feel sleepy. i shall go to bed now. cause i seriously don't want to be late for movie tomorrow^^.

nights and merry christmas.
with love, joann.<3

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