Wednesday, December 23, 2009

chioNESS, i'm so sorry.

i'm so sorry guys.

sorry for being late today. no one wakes me up this morning or maybe they wake me up, just that i don't know. cause i've got bad influence from my brother. i can't get up whenever people wake me nowadays. i'm really sorry lahh..

and to Z-W,
sorry la.. i don't mean to ignore your call. i'm bathing mar.. how i want to answer your call when i'm bathing la? rite? and for the one you call me when i reached KLCC but i didn't answer one, it's too noisy for me to hear my phone ring. i heard you WALAO when i answer JJ's call, and from that.. i know you got blardy beh song dy.. but don't la like that.. we good friend mar... you won't angry for that rite? i know you're good. =)

for today, i went out to meet up tai kor, jj and z-w. but i'm late, i'm sorry again.
urmm.. yea, i'm the only girl. cause the girls are busy. and i don't think they will treat me like a girl. cause i'm more like a guy friend to them, and not those kinda girl friend. cause i don't act like a girl. iosodunnowhy!! FML

we went pavilion to watch AVATAR!! i thought i will regret watching this show, but nope!! i'm not. cause that time when i saw the trailer, the blue monkeys looks quite irritating one. so i judge it and i think it's not good. BUT now, i like it pweetty much!!=)

so people always say, don't judge a book by its cover.
and i'm telling you, don't judge a movie by its... monkeys people or trailer. =D

then i treat z-w subway for lunch. yea, you're welcome. =)
and we had baskin robbins before the movie. yumyum..
but i'm so sorry, cause i didn't take photo for the whole day and i don't really wanna share the yumminess with you guys. xD

well, for the movie. we got the second front row. cause we i am late. i'm sorry again. but luckily, the seats for the pavilion gsc is quite comfortable one. if not i think i'm gonna suffer for 2 hours and 43 minutes long. fiuu~

and at last, i went home together with my brother. then now i'm thinking.. shall i go countdown with my friends tomorrow for christmas, or accompany my mum.. cause you see, her bill is not with her for these days. and will be back only on the christmas night. like so kelian~ so how? tell me how?

justina and tracia is coming with uncle bill on the christmas night!!
hopefully they will enjoy their holidays here. ^^"

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