Tuesday, December 1, 2009

chioNESS, it's december!!

so fast.. 31 days more. i'm gonna leave for NS.

and tomorrow, we are having science paper. but i'm not studying.
feel like slapping myself being this lazy. rawr!!

i can't wait for SPM to end. i really wanna go play around, so badly!!
but i don't really have much times.

people keep tellin me it's good to go NS, you'll experience the fun, and you will like it.
maybe i will, but i don't want to..
and some are tellin me that, it's good for me.
cause i can lose weight while doing those kawad and blablabla..
but... sarawak is like.. i know it's not as ulu as what suelyn say, but..
why sarawak? >___<
you want pepper you buy here, cause i won't buy from there.
you think i jakun got nothing better to do go buy pepper back for you?
you bring back a koala from australia then i will buy you that. BABI..

and wohooo~!! mummy promise that i can go for a nice trip next year.
YAY!! i've got lotsa freedom after spm and NS. yoohoo!!
i'mma goin to taiwan first. then hong kong.
then canada to find kang yin. i miss you babe. <3

ahh.. i love december. cause christmas is comin soon..
canada is snowing.. how nice~

(for the science subject candidates, can you differentiate mitosis and meiosis?
tick tock tick tock.. well, seems like you don't know...

don't expect i will give the superb long explanation, cause you're so dead for not studying that. go study once you finish reading this post.)

..and now you can leave, SHOO!!

all the best!!

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