Friday, December 11, 2009

chioNESS, it's FRIDAY.

went breakfast with my cousins and the niece & nephew. then went sungei wang to meet up ryan, ken and lylia to sing k. bloody scammer, they said it should start at 1pm-6pm but we only get to sing from 2-5.but it's alright, i forgive you because i got sore throat. if not i shall sing for a LONG time. ><

after K time, we went over to pavilion and head to cotton on. cause i really wanna change the baju i'm wearing on. LOL. then i bought one shirt for myself and lylia bought one skirt. xD

then we went for dinner at ichiban boshi again. and thanks wei yao for the treat. i'm full. very full. hahaha.. i really have a good time with you guys. at least i'm happy even i'm spending a lot and i'm kinda broke.

but i gotta confess that i personally don't like that. even it has fruity scent but it's still a smokey-fruity-scent-water vapor.

21 days more.. i will miss all of you, so badly!!

and after i've been thinking for days.
i think i shall cancel the penang trip.
i had get enough with those no answers replies
and no reply AT ALL!!

we will organize one after the day
everyone of us got our driving license and
can make decision YOURSELVE!!

for those who is interested and 100% sure that you won't ffk me, let's go countdown on the 31st DEC at bukit bintang. make sure you really interested and won't FFK me. cause i will curse you to death if you do. or i will kill you after i come back from NS. get me?

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