Saturday, December 19, 2009

chioNESS, make some noise



i realize marcus do tell this like EVERYTIME? LOL
and something like.. 'i-thought-this-show-is-very very- clever'.
HAHAHA!! i think people who watch battleground should know. rite?

LOL. these peoples are really fast. i just finish watchin battleground final. then those ELECOLDXHOT's fans flood the whole battleground wall page. full of dissapointment and disagreeness? but why don't just congrates the winners? how sad if i'm one of the KATOON NETWORK and seeing people telling..
'sien la katoon network. =.='
or maybe things like, 'elecoldxhot should win. not fair!! not fair!!'

just face the truth won't you?

comparing them like this.. i see your face, i lagi sien. don't tell like you can dance better than they could. if you do, then proof it dude.
i'm one of elecoldxhot supporter, but i do really think that the result is fair enough.
and i'm totally in love with dennis yin's coolness. awww~
i saw a bunch of girls taking photo with him after the whole thing. how i wish i could be there.
but.. the thing that broke my heart most is.. he already got a girlfriend~ T-T

see this? so sweet..

ryan foo joe the photographer.
don't sue me for grabbing this photo.
i'm just envy~

i know i'm no one to be sad like this. but i just admire him. cannotarhh?

and and, sylvin goo from dancologist is hot. woohooo~

lastly, congratulations KATOON NETWORK!! i miss your boogie style at the preliminary rounds.xD

p/s: i'm planting some seeds in my restaurant city game. i wonder if the thing i plant, will grow a chicken or bacon? will ya? LMAO.

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