Thursday, December 24, 2009



and i wonder when will it comes true.

went to pavilion for dinner with my family and suelyn. =)
we thought that we will stay there till the countdowns, but unfortunately.. mum is tired.
so we went home one hour earlier before christmas.

and i suppose to go with YC and meet up with my long time no see friends. but i'm so sorry, and i regret for not joining you guys for this year's christmas. i hope you guys enjoy a lot. =D

i thought i will be somewhere middle of the bukit bintang road, spraying all those... white soaps all along the road and might enjoy spraying some strangers and cars at this moment.. but i ended up sitting here. right infront of this viewsonic monitor, using the very lousy and lag window XP.. and blogging. sigh.

but it's alright.. since we are gonna do a nice pool party on the 31st dec, then we shall go countdown for new year also right? can we?? can we??
i really want it so badly!! ><

and from today onwards..
you're no one.
so don't bother how my life's going on.
cause you shouldn't.
i will leave it to someone special, no worries.. =)

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