Thursday, December 24, 2009



thanks suelyn. <3

well.. i got no dates for today, since i'm so free and lifeless.. i will just start blogging, restaurant citying and pet societying. it's so bored for me to stay at home during christmas, cause usually i spend my time shopping.. but now, i feel great. cause i can rest. ^^

they are louis and zoey's babies.
but they both died cause they are too mouth watering for coco.

R.I.P louis and zoey.

and their name might be..
chicken curry, mutton curry and fish curry.

and for the left out one, i think beef curry is good. xD

while i'm lining up and paying for drinks.
this woman's name is fruit juice? LOL.

BR, cookies and cream.
added toppings, gummy bears. nom nom..<3

maymy's busy working, and i'm camwhoring.

ohh yea.. my dear, i stalks on you. <3
that's my lovely... i miss you too.

never tried UHU!HU! before?
go grab some for your sake. they are waiting at the loaf.
yummies!!! =P

that's my girl, dou nai. <3
soya bean is good~

ilove this. xD

where to eat?

chi shen me?
what to eat?

no, i don't want chicken rice.

i want mango slurp!! *nomness.*

and yea.. i finish these dim sums all by MYSELF!! xD

that's my boii..<3
me and millionaire (before haircut)

and he comes back with this cuteness look. xD
mygawdd. so cute can die.
and that loo babi name him as
loo xiao mei. so gurl~xD

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