Wednesday, December 16, 2009

chioNESS, party day and nighttt..?!

wait.. before i'm tellin u about what happen on the party..
i'm here proudly announcing that,


i know LOADS of you will be like,
'wtf, mine ended ages ago.'
so what? i don't care about you. =P
can you feel the happiness?

right after the exam, i know tai kor was like so itching to rempit. but i'm so sorry, you can't. cause i'm tumpang-ing your cutie pearl white myvi. then we went carrefour to buy some stuff for tonight's party.. *wheeee..*

the party starts at 7.30pm. then everyone was busy eating including me. cause i'm frigging hungry!!! ><
then as usual, almost everyone start drinking. and of course, i'm in too. i'm so not gonna miss it. and you know how nice when you can smell liquor?? especially good thing like chivas.. fuyohh~
and i keep drinking and drinking till everyone was trying to make me laugh like how i use to do at kenny's house when i'm drunk (which actually i'm just a lil high). then john keep asking me to carry him back from danau kota to melati.. too bad, i can't. cause i did not drink 200 shots of chivas. LOL. xD

well..thing was good at the beginning. but it turns 360720 degrees when kah yau and the cousin's drunk. fulamakk~ bloody busuk!! it's not the first time i see people drunk and vomit, but it's the first time i smell people vomit. ewww.. =___= damn disgusting one..

video and photos will be uploaded once i got it from those peeps. xD

and i forget to force everyone to wear the bunny ear ><" fml.

o.. and thanks for praising. i know i'm good. LOL

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