Friday, December 18, 2009

chioNESS, polaroid

do you guys know where can i get to buy polaroid cameras?
i want it and have been looking for it for so long.... T-T

13 days more.. and i'm seriously gonna leave. i know some of you will be like so bored seeing me keep telling how many days left and i have to go, then you will be like.. 'ala.. go lahh.. who cares if you leave or stay.' then i'm telling you, MY MUM CARES.. onyourface!! xD

i realize that i've been hanging out almost everyday, whenever i want and my mum won't nag or don't let me go out. plus, she let me buy whatever i want to buy. make me feel so touched. *sob*

ATTENTION readers,
i know i don't have LOADS of readers. and most of my readers are my close friends, but that's enough. more than enough. i think. hahahaa...

and here's something i wanna share, that's this our dear friend jiali wong and her friends organized a mini prom at Chui Lok Restaurant at Seri Rampai, on the 21st Dec.
booking is available to all 5th formers. and be noted that majority of guests are chinese.
price is below rm50 ( i can't tell the exact price, cause i don't know. LOL)

please contact jiali via handphone for any reservations and enquiries.

ask me for her number if you don't have hers.
and i'm really sorry that i posted this late. you know, i'm busy. xD

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