Thursday, January 7, 2010


this is the 4th day of my college life, and i skipped two classes.

one is because of my own problem. could not wake up on time and then late for law class. sorry for that. TT

then for today!! i suppose to attend the english literature class, and i'm not suppose to be late cause i'm early. then by the time i reached LRT station, i was like thank god the LRT is here on time, then i still can buy myself a mc-egg before class. then i went in to the train. for freaking 10 minutes long i'm standing, and the train was NOT MOVING at all!! plus, the door is open all the time. then i got freaked out, so i walk out and sit on the bench or whatever it is. after 20 minutes, the operator came up and ask everyone to go wait at another platform that's going to another way(gombak way). saying that the train will stop here and go back to the kelana jaya way. then i still sitting cause the people all run and line up waiting for the train. as expected, the people stuff into the train and were all tinned into the sardin train. then i wait again... for another 15 minutes, the other train came, and i could not get in again, cause the people from the melati and gombak station fulfilled the train. so.. i began to wait again.

you will never know how long i've been waited for the next train that i could actually get into it. it tooks me 1.5 HOUR!! DAMMIT!! then the door close after 10 minutes of waiting don't know what the hell. then on US PASSENGERS' way to setiawangsa that only take us 3-4 minutes, i saw 4 fucking breakdown train on the middle of the railway. and that explains why they are doin all this. and when we reached the setiawangsa station, they ask us to come down from the train and wait for another train again. then people was like WTF, and i'm busy complaining to buttpig, suelyn and caryn about it.

then the train came after 10 minutes, and i'm so lucky that i could actually get in it and stand at the middle that i love to stand there, cause they got more spaces there. then they began to work smoothly, and i feel satisfied. and before we reach ampang park they announced and ask us to go down there AGAIN!! to wait for another train AGAIN!! i didn't hear, cause i'm on my earphone. then i saw people around me walked out, and i was wondering.. so fast reach KLCC dy? then the operator came in and ask me whether i'm goin back to setiawangsa or what. then i was like,
'no way!! i'm late for class dy, you think i come to travel around with your freaking lrt arhh?'
then she ask me to go down, cause that freaking lrt is going back to setiawangsa AGAIN!! then i wait and wait and wait!! for the FUCKING 20 minutes lonnnnggggggggg~ i get into that train and the door closed and actually move after 8 minutes. then it stopped at masjid jamek AGAIN and ask us to wait for another train AGAIN!!! and it took me 15 minutes to reach pasar seni from masjid jamek.

and when i look back on the clock, it shows there 13:30.
can you imagine that? 3 hours long? i spend 3 hours long go up and down the lrt?
in that 3 hours, i can drive myself to JB dy, or even go and back from KL to PD.

STUPID RAPID KL!! FyourLIFEto the maxxx!!

so what you bought in the new train? the system still breakdown ALL THE TIME!!
you got money to buy two new trains then why don't you use that money to improve or repair your systems and all that?
this is seriously an serious issue that you should look up for. and not about the length of your train. how many people can stuff into the train in peak season this and that.
it doesn't matter as long as your system don't breakdown and the train goes smooth!! BANGANG!!
and if you can find anyone selling brain, you should really go buy and transplant. and make sure you won't buy a brain that is totally not functioning one, like yours. cause you're really stupid enough, as if like you're brainless. ><'

TULAN to the max!!

plus, i'm hungry that time.
you know, a hungry man is an angry man
i just can't chill down.

and don't keep the money in your own pocket.

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