Monday, January 4, 2010

chioNESS, here it comes.

i'm now officialy a campus.

and for the second day of college, i'm absent for the law class. i'm sorry mr. siva. =P
no.. i don't mean to skip it on purpose or what. by the time i reach college is 10.20. then the class starts at 9.30.. so.. i skipped. i'm being honest here, so don't judge me!!
well, everything's fine. i met some girls that's awesome. still not that close, but nevermind.. it takes time. i understand.
and i can't wait to meet my lovelings. gonna go yum cha session with the guys tonight. then watch movie with caryn and buttpig tomorrow^^

now, i'm gonna continue for the last post. not here it goes part III, but here it comes.

it's my aim for 2010.

  • i wanna lose goddamn 15kg. like seriously.. the girls at my college are slim. make me feel so sad looking at myself. and i don't find any not slim girl in my class.. except.. ahemm!! LOL!! and i said this for years already, and i have not lose any weight. but i did maintain it.. so it's not a bad thing tho.. xD
  • i wanna pass my A LEVEL with all Distinction. aha!! hopefully. i'm happy enough as long as i don't fail any. and i don't wanna do another 9 months course. cause it cost me rm700, and mamaC says she will pay me that 700 if i don't fail. so nice.. no need to work also get 700. xD
  • i wanna turn my room to VERY NICE one. let y'all jealous for a moment. 'm currently trying on interior design that i learn myself. hopefully everything will be NICE and AWESOME!!
  • i want my analytics to increase. so i'm thinking of what to do with my blog. gotta find someone pro to do me a nice blog page. (wwm, i'm waitin kay?) then i wanna earn more from nuffnang. xD
  • i wanna get my driving license before CNY. but i know it won't work. FML. so.. maybe targeting before.. caryn's birthday?! alright? HAHA!! why? cause i wanna drive you around lahh... you know... i love you!! <3
  • i wanna earn/ GET more $$$!! cause i need money.. BADLY!! i want to buy LOADS of things. i want camera. i want a car. i want this.. i want that. i want EVERYTHING!! but i got no money. TT anyone can sponsor? xD
  • i want to travel around taiwan/ japan. got influenced by cheesie. i think homestay is good~ can save a lot. and learn a lot. but first of all... i need to learn japanese. then i'm thinkin if i could get any free classes from the japan embassy? anyone could help? ^^
  • i wanna go KOREA again. to meet my precious MIN HO!! and then i shall learn korean first. i know where to learn. and it's free!! wanna know where? ask me in personal. i don't wanna share with EVERYONE!! xD
  • i wanna spend more time with my family. cause i love 'em. and i may not have time to be with them once i go study overseas. so i shall spend more time wiht them. YESHHH =)

well, so far.. i could think of this only.

next update. wall painting!! xD

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