Monday, January 4, 2010

chioNESS, here it goes II

before reading this post.. you shall follow up with the previous post first. click to read.

then we shall now continue. and for today HERE IT GOES part II, i would not wanna do any complains anymore. but i think i will still mumbles for some issues, so.. I'll try my best^^

right here, right now.. i wanna apologize to those who i ter-HURT your feelings. and thanks everyone who's always by my side.

for my precious froggies aka AnDes, i thank you for all the things you did. i appreciate those moments that we always spend together. we play, we talk, we laugh, we craps, we share secrets and thoughts, we even play truant (and the way i tell is like damn bangga). i love the way you guys are, but not the tidak apa-apa attitude that i seriously hope that you guys will change. cause i really cannot tahan those 'IDK' , ' i not sure' and 'i ask my mum first' answers. that's the thing that pissed me off most of the time. and not to mention the times you guys FFKed me. =(

anyway, BFF aight? no hard feelings kay? ILOVEYOU <3

for the ICIA people, thanks for your concern for all the time. i appreciated and i miss those days when we hang out, we sing, we act and dance together. the best moment of my life is when i'm standing on the stage and performing whatever i have learnt from you guys. if it's not you, i won't know i can walk like a bloody pro model. i won't know i can sing like a BERRY good singer. i won't know i could act like a powderful actress. i won't know i can play violin like a damn good musician. i won't know i could even dance like a pro dancer.LOL!! i appreciated every single thing that you guys have taught me and be with me almost all the time. and i'm sorry for not contacting you guys for 2 years long. i'm so sorry for rejecting your invitations to every single perfomance and parties. and i even ignore your calls. I'M SORRAYY~ ><

i promise i will find you guys once i settled my college stuffs. IMISSYOU.

for my family, i'm so sorry to annoy you guys like almost all the time.i'm so sorry for being such an ungrateful daughter that always ask for more when you always give me the best. and i'm sorry for arguing with you all the time. you know i love you.. to my brothers, i don't think i need to apologize. maybe sometimes i PMS and scolded you guys, but you should know that you shouldn't disturb me when i'm in a very bad PMS condition. but i still love you guys as my brothers.

so.. c'mon, gimme a kiss. xD

for the one that i have not contact for long time. i'm sorry that i lost your contacts. so why not you leave me a message and your numbers. so that i can contact you easily. =)

all the best in 2010. may it will be a good year for all of us.

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