Sunday, January 3, 2010

chioNESS, here it goes

here comes 2010.

and before that, i ought that i gotta do some flashback for 2009.
well, 2009 seems to be SUCKish to me. cause i gotta face LOADS of problem. i've got SPM and my exam end on the last day of the whole examination. then i was like fml for taking tha stupid extra subject. and yea.. that's what hokien says, 'geh gao' (act to be smart).

next, the thing that haunt me for half a year is NATIONAL SERVICE. and again, i was like FML to the max. asking myself, why am i the one who's been chosen? and for you readers must be very beh tahan already.. cause i'm complaining again. but lemmi mumble for awhile lahh.. cannot arh?
for now, i'm quite satisfied. cause i don't need to go NS for now. WOOHOO~ XD

then, comparing with 2009, i got lesser angpau with 2008. T___T and yet, i behave like a BIG MONEY SPENDER. as if i'm VERY RICH. can't stop hunting for nice things, nice baju and nice food. so,for this coming CNY.. i gotta start eye-ing on angpau. more ANGPAUS... xD

after all.. i thought i'm not gonna fall for anyone anymore. cause it hurts. cause i personally think that there's no true love anymore.. so it's not worth to fall for anyone again.. cause it seems to be stupid. and yea.. that's the most stupid thing that i've ever did last year. i don't wanna admit that i really fall for him, that jerk that i still don't know if he lies to me or not. cause he just leave like this. i don't wanna tell that i like him. i don't wanna tell that i fall for that sweet talks. i don't wanna tell that i really believe that he says he will wait for me. i don't wanna tell that i fall for someone that i don't know and even how he actually looks like. cause it shows that i'm stupid for believing him. how bloody stupid i can be? yeahh.. i know.. BODOH TO THE MAX!! i still miss it.. the days we used to talk so much. the days you say you can wait. the days you say you miss me a lot. and then you flew off and leave me speechless. and now, deep down my heart.. i really wanna FHL to the max. better don't appear again. cause i really don't know what i will do to you. JACKASS!!

i don't wanna miss you. =(

and before i forget.. in the year of 2009, i met some awful lifeless bitch that pissed me off. not to the max.. cause they're just a passerby. and thank god that i WILL NOT see them again. but to be honest, i envy that bitch NO.1 for having a boyfriend and i don't have.but it's alright, cause i don't wanna cheat on anyone to get another boyfriend. FYL!! and that another bitch that is so rich.. i envy cause she's bloody rich. but nevermind. even i'm not rich, i can still afford to buy some other BRANDS. so what you got LV? i can have CHANEL. BLAHHH :P

*to be continued... yawns~*

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