Friday, January 29, 2010

chioNESS, i love the moments

when we are all together.


suelyn came back to wangsa maju on the thursday m
orning and stayed overnight at my house. we went to wangsa walk to look for kenny, wwm, kia ying, ryan, BA and juyi. and they are working there as the japanese snacks promoter. *loves*

i tasted every single sample of it, (but not the biscuits, caus
e the container that they put the biscuits all together make it smells BLOODY 'good'. LOL!!) and then while the old aunty left to the toilet or break, they will prolly stuff some sample into suelyn's bag. overall we've got.. seaweed, hello panda cookie's brother, pistachios, macha biscuits, instant rice mix and etc. i can't remember. cause that's too many. LOL

we've got more deep inside. LOL

we went all around and keep eating their sample. let's see what i tried..

tasted the curry, and yea... NOM NOM!!! =P

me don't likey soba, so it's a NO for soba. yuck =/

no more jelly beans sample, cause they wack 'em all already. ><

hello panda cookies and the fish cookies, YUMMY!! xD

the pulm wine is HOT. but me likey.. =3

miso soup is salty as usual...

the CHOCOLATES!!! the best of all!! *heartsy*

i think there got more, but i forgot what are those. and the sample that we took, make me feel super full. so i actually skipped my dinner yesterday.
and i feel that i'm super good. I'M A VERY GOOD FRIEND!! i waited for them since 4.30pm. till they finish their work, that is 10 o'clock!! damn good right?! how come i so good one? i don't think they can find anyone better than me except suelyn. LOL. cause suelyn was there with me also. xD

kenny and uncle wei yao ( the guy in red, yellow) xD

ryan hard selling. GANBATTE!! XD

kenny poyo. xD

wwm, damn depressed. kena sacked. LOL


go buy this at wangsa walk. damn cheap.
you know you will usually find it 9++ per bottle.
and we got it for rm6 only. loves.<3

me love peach. ; )

apple taste good. =D

we went for yum cha session at BRJ after their work and went TBUN for not more than one hour. guess why?! cause suelyn wanna do her homework. SWT!!
after that we went home and take a good rest..

the next morning, the 6 of us (me, suelyn, ryan, kenny, wwm and kia ying) went to gym. what a healthy lifestyle. we run, we play, we go sauna together. NO!! not with kenny. LOL!!
i should take the photo of them with their body that's wrapped with towel ONLY. so HAWT can nose bleed!! xD

but due to some reason.. suelyn and i need to rush back. so we didn't get to go for breakfast with them. nemai, next time. =D

i don't want to grow up!! i want to be 17 for my whole life!!
i don't want to leave school and yet i don't want to go school!! =P

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