Friday, January 1, 2010

chioNESS, i love my name

cause it means God is gracious.

but still, i thought of changing my name. cause i found LOADS of people name JOANN. xD
to make it more special, i think i can make it like JO-N.
and i think of changing my name to.. JODIE. i find this name is naishh~ =3
then i can make it like JO-D.

it's a new year, and i think i shall make some changes on my blog. but i'm just too dumb and i got no idea how to manage a very nice and fantastic blog. and so i thought of creating another blog. =P
i tried to use wordpress, but it's too complicated for me. and i don't really know how to use it. hmm..

now i'm sharing some photos, cause i got no idea what to blog about. will update more tomorrow^^.

the gathering with primary school friends.
25 of us. WALAO!!

the guys.

the girls

random one.
but nice shot. =D

you look nice smiling like this.
i won't lie to you, so trust me. ^^

the ex-rumors couple.
smal and yap. =3

they look good together. haha xD
and you can actually see rosanne's taking photo with her sis behind, sitting on the staircase.

this is me.
Min Ho don't want me to appear on the headlines. LOL

so what if we engaged?
no diamond also wanna sai meng. LOL

and now, i'm officially a fiance of min ho.
you're too cute to look at.
i can't resist to lose you.


to those who are leaving for ns, good luck and goodbye.
i'm so gonna miss you guys. take care, and do miss me too.

-i will keep my promise and buy you a hat when i meet you during cny. xD
or maybe you want sunblock? LOL.-

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