Friday, January 8, 2010

chioNESS, i miss you!!


all of you!! still not used to it. i miss school life. TT
i mean like, i miss the time when i'm with my friends but not the teachers. LOL.
cause the teachers are meant to be forgot.
and friends are all i need..

i miss caryn. her BLURness and the speed when she talks. tell something that confuse people and confuse herself almost all the time. the best mum and sisters i could ever have. ahh.. i started to miss you again.. TT

i miss suelyn. her everything-thing-can-crap attitude. she just can't help herself to cover her mood and whatever she wants to tell. i miss the time when we were all chit-chatting during classes or at SPBT room. the time we used to ponteng, watch movie and shopping. do come back often kay? i miss you so much.. *sisters forever*

i miss wei ming. her fierce, quite and LOUD. i miss your voice and the way you scold wei yao and ken. i miss the way you stare at people who you dislike. i miss the time we talk about dramas and you tell me about your precious fai zai and jang gan seuk. *hearts*

i miss zhi min. the lamest people, with all her lame gags. i miss the time when we share our thoughts when you stay overnight at my house. i miss the time when we swim together.
'i've forgive you lahh..*hugs*'

i miss jia li. tellin me about the contest she participates. i wanna play guitar too!! you seems like having hard time working there. but don't give up.. i'll go visit you as soon as possible. get ready a mocha frap for me~ i miss you darling.xD

i miss foofy aka ryan. the face that turns red very quickly in a second time. the one who always be himself, a girl who being a man. i miss you lougong!!

i miss zilin. another one who talks with very high pitch, and asking people to go dai or eat shit?! LOL. the one who makes everyone misunderstood that she's crazily in love with me. LOL. but i know, you're just adoring. HAHAHHAHA!! she loves sarah lahh~ i miss you, doremi.

i miss kia ying and shy shy. their speed of reading comic. i wonder if you guys READ it or not. i miss kia ying, the one who makes the school boys go mad. i miss shy shy, the one who is really shy and laugh for no reason. i miss both of you. xD

i miss celine and hew. the one who always stick together. i miss celine, the one that tahan laugh and i miss hew, the one who will bring her own food to school and share her keropok with us. i miss you!!

i miss kenny and
wei yao. i miss kenny,the one who always show the very sarcastic face when i'm telling something. i miss wei yao,the one who won't feel anything whenever i punch him. so enjoy a lot punching him. i seriously think that i can't live without them, cause they're like my sand bag. xD

i miss tai kor. the one who always talk about girls and rempit. the one who brings laughter to everyone.
i miss jj. the way he always tease me. but i don't like it!! ><
i miss kah yau. the one who always ask me to go back to class, as if he really study. LOL.
i miss boon aun. the one who always call me pengz and hit me for nothing.
i miss zhen-whei. the one who likes to act, but.. FAILURE!! xD
i miss jonathan chua. the one who acts cool, but he actually not.
i miss jh yap. the very cool number 2, but he's friendly. your sunblock is waiting. xD
i miss beh. the one who always join us whenever they gamble. and his shining teeth that i could never forget. LOL
i miss guy eon. the one who always laugh for nothing.
i miss kuhan. the sickening one, who always sing in the class. HAHA!!
i miss lim. but not the time he argue with me.


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