Saturday, January 16, 2010

chioNESS, wishing..


but it's kinda pity that you have to spend your birthday at the pahang camp. don't cry. your camp mate will cheer you up. ^^
knew you since standard one and we're in the same class for the 6 years. i don't want but still have to admit that i once admired you when i was standard two. GOSH!! those who are reading, don't comment banyak!! i chop down your mouth later. xD then after that no more, cause i also don't know why. and i remember that you're one of those handsomes who has got lotsa admirer. not fogetting the past of you and xiao teng. HAHA!!
we may not be close friends for these years. but i still believe that it's fated, this 12 years of friendship is not easy to maintain. and i seriously got no idea why the hell you always reject to hang out with us. sangat lanci you!! HAHA!!
and for now, i can't wait to see how dark and how bald you are this comin CNY!! you're gonna pay for the movie ticket if i got my license before that. xD

p/s: which sunblock brand do you prefer huh? xD

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