Saturday, February 6, 2010

chioNESS, because

I got nothing to post.

but to let my analytics keep increasing, I must update more.

Randoms deep down which i never mentioned,

Please DO NOT say 'hi' to me unless I start the conversation first.
WAIT!! I mean on FB chat and specially to those who I don't know them. Cause that makes my nets go very lag. It does interrupted me all the while. So please don't do so. If there's anything that you really wanna talk to me, send me a private message or post a comment on my wall. I hate it when the whole thing goes super slow and lag. You know you love me, so do as what I say.

I took off the ring.
Like finally, that might be the only way to keep me from the past. I may wear it back once again, if you could find me on valentines'. That's your last chance, and my last hope to you.

I made a deal, with winnice.
Not gonna cut my hair till CNY ends. But I feel like cutting it now. wtf. My bangs are super long. My hair is long, and I wanna cut a lil bit, cause it looks damn messy. OHH!! I shall dye my hair before Monday, cause i bought the hair dyer before SPM and I have not dye it till now. Cause I'm lazy + forgetful.

About the article I read that day.
How can a graduate be that stupid? You just enter the room as he asked to, when you know what's gonna happen next. Nothing much about you, and BRAINLESS could be he only word o describe you. Constipation after that awful incident? Stop lying la.. You're just not good with acting. So stop with it kay? Human like them are being more and more stupid, day by day. If that's the way how you wanna kick your rivals off, I'm totally speechless. And even my ancestors are gonna laugh at you. hahahaha xD

I actually don't wanna study about all these.
LAW never been in my options since the day i have my own ambition. I thought that my mum will support me for what I've decided, but NOT. Since it's not, I just need to follow what she asked to do. That's the only thing I'm not satisfied with. But since I've started, I shall not give up. Right? =]

Hands are meant to hold.
But you're not holding mine, and i could not even touch yours. How sad. So I shall let it be free starts from now.

Don't correct my spelling or grammars.
Let 'em be since i posted. It's kinda annoying you know? If you know what I mean, DO NOT CORRECT them. leave it!! let 'em be how they are wrong. got me?

Blahh.. I got no idea what to type already. I'm just updating for the sake for my analytics and blablabla..

i emo now.

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