Tuesday, February 9, 2010

chioNESS, Dear

Dear me,

I thought I'm dying. LOL!! Gonna curse the Putra Line kao kao!! Bloody shit. You know what? While I'm on the way back on the LRT. Everyone thought that the LRT is gonna stop at the Setiawangsa station. Well, it did. But it is most likely an emergency brake!! Then as you know, I love to stand at the middle place of the whole LRT. You can really feel the part where I stood is like gonna split into two. BUT luckily, it's not. Everyone almost fall because of that emergency brake. Then I intense to leave the LRT although I have not reach the station where I shall leave, but the door is not open.

Then it starts to move again, make me getting more worry, and it stops. The door opened and close in the count of 5 seconds. And it starts speeding like how it should not be. Cause as everyone knows, LRT never been this FAST!! ><

Then the speed lower, and it stops before it reach the Wangsa Maju station. The LRT moves and moves frigging slow till it reach the station and the door opened. I quickly walk out, and yeah.. I reached home safely.

NOW!! I cannnot tahan anymore. gonna write a complain letter. I don't care if they proceed it or not, I'm just gonna curse them!! after the incident that day, this is much more scarier to compare. it can cause death know? BLOODY BRAINLESS!!

I don't wanna take LRT anymore lahh.. But i still have to ><

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