Friday, February 5, 2010

chioNESS, i'm still wondering

Why some guys just can't let their brain to grow up together with how their body size grow. Is that fun to be such an incapable to come out with you-think-thats-fun kinda acts?

I don’t know if this happens to you but I often receive some text messages from some strangers

And the very first message will be, 'Harlo.' ( see, even my blog did underlined with red. And who the hell is your pathetic failed English Language teacher who taught u that this word do actually exist in this world? Anyway, F.Y.I. it means hello.)

Then i would reply, " Who are you."

And that cheapskate would rather reply something like these,

check out the replies.

Case #1
“You don’t know me. I just simply sent a message and found you. can we be fren?”

Babi. If you're so free, go wash your own underwear. Don't ask your mum to do so.

Case #2
“You don’t know me. But I just found your number in my phonebook. Mind to intro?”

Sorry lahh.. Get lost!! I will whack you nicely using the YellowPages if I see you.

Case #3, which irritates me most.
“You dunno me. Mind to be fren?”

here comes my replies with two version,



" Who are you? I know you? "

"CANNOT. AND I MIND. How you get my number?"

“I just want to be a fren with u, whats ur name?”

"Joann." ( still young, not as smart as now. LOL)

“I asked how you get my number.”

“I forgot. But believe me, I just want to fren u.”

Then that young time me will keep asking lor.. CAUSE you know, still young marr.. BUT NOW!! just ignore after the second time he don't answer what i asked. After so so and so... That bladdyfull cheapskate will text me again and.... here it goes..

“Eii.. why no reply from u. Can I fren u? I am not bad person.”

“I was asking who are you and how did you get my number.”

“Okay my fren give me one lar. Whats ur name?”

“Who is your friend?”

“I forgot. But can we be a fren?”

" NO. WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS. Then next time IF you remember who the bloody idiot friend of you whom give my number to you, tell that homosapien (a scientific term for human),DO NOT FREN YOU ANYMORE!! cause they are just so ignorable, forgettable and even brainless to you to be your friend, cause you're just hopeless and you could not even remember who the hell he/she is. AND!! You don't fren them also la. cause they are such a failure that don't even tell my name to you before you could ever text me. Next time if you wanna waste your time and credit to do all this things, just get yourself clear that the human being that you're gonna text them next, is the one you can afford with. You can't afford to play this kinda game with me, cause i think IJN (Institusi Jantung Negara) ward is not cheap to stay, even it's only one night. But if you're rich, then can't help la.. Since you love to waste your time, credit and money on me. You go on, and I will just ignore. CAUSE YOU ARE IGNORABLE!!!! wait!! FYL!! cause you met me!! xD"

and this message were received and sent some time last month or so. I forget. but draftly, that's what i sent to that pathetic loser and he scold me back after that 6 sms'es long message I sent. it's like almost every message with the word starting with 'F'. and that is fabulously FAwesome. xD

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