Tuesday, February 2, 2010

chioNESS, ponteng-ed

i said i don't skip class anymore, but i still skipped for my license sake. i went to listen for the L license amali. and it's wasting my time!! dammit!! skipped IELTS and ECONS again. shit la..

and now, since i got nothing to do. i will just update my blog with this very outdated post that i shal update last week.


went times square with some of the classmate after the tuesday class last week. thought that i could be more closer with them, but it doesn't works well. cause... I'M NOT SOCIABLE!! ><
nevermind, it takes time. and i need more time.

meet Jeng Lok, Keith Chan and Raymond Kok.

meet Sylvester, the one on blue checkers.
me personally thinks that Slyvester is really handsome. LOL

meet Desmond a.k.a desperate (left)
and Shayne Siow a.k.a C.Wai. (right)
meet Joseph.
he's a Nigerian. nice of him. =D

ketchup on Joseph's tie.

meet Mei Yen. *love this photo most.*

meet Wei May, on purple top.
she looks damn awkward. LOL.

and the guys bumped into the
Dancologist, second-runner up for battleground.

okay.. they are slim!! personally likes sylvin(on the most right).

me love this too.
meet cammy with white carigan+ pants
and her god brother, yue?!

-the end-

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