Wednesday, February 10, 2010

chioNESS, shall we?

Remember I told you guys that I learned a lil Korean Language last time?
Well, I finally found out. After years of abandoning it, I don't know how to read Korean anymore!!
But grateful that, I still know to speak a lil, simple one.

So... I shall go learn it again. It's such a waste for not learning and using it anymore.
You know, sometimes it's awful when I see Min Ho talking, and I don't even understand what he's talking about.

Then, I found out that 'her' can sing very well. That's why you like 'her' so much?
Sometimes I'm jealous, but when I look at her.... I still feel that I'm better. =P

CNY's coming!!
and my college started holiday today. It's early, but I like it.
BUT, class starts next Thursday. DAMMIT!! =X

Other than that, Valentines' comin too.
I'm not gonna look for my fake Valentine anymore. hopeless.
I'll just wish to look for a very close boy-friend will do.
Someone like, tai kor.
But it's important that, my boy-friend must be like my ji mui,
just like how tai kor. xD
Like that only we can go for heart-to-heart conversation. <3

Why not girls?
Cause I've got a bunch of trusted girlfriend. LOL
OHH!! And I got a very close girlfriend from my college, guess what.
Her name is also Caryn, just that her surname is Ng. xD
I will do an introduction about her soon, and F.Y.I... She's a leng lui. =3
And more about other classmate too. ^^

I think I shall change my name already.
Cause there's a girl got the same name as I am.
Her name is, Joanne.
Same pronunciations but different spelling.
And sometimes I will get confuse when people call her,
thought that they are calling me.
Then she will be confuse when someone calls me,
she thought that they are calling her.
SEE!! So next time if they ask my name,
I shall say, 'My name is Jo-D'
GREAT!! hahahhahaa... xD


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