Tuesday, February 9, 2010

chioNESS, you know i hate it

you know I hate it when you say you love me.

Things should not be this way, don't you agree?

'm growing up, just like how i should have. The confidence just decrease.
It's awful, and no one would want to know how awful it is.
Those words that I shall fall into, it just do not seems to work anymore.

I once thought that I can leave everything behind and start a new life again,
with someone that he loves me more than how you SAY you do.

okay.. so out of topic. DAMN random ><
alright, what i actually wanted to say is,
everyone is starting their new life, and so do i.
then most of the guys were/are trying to look for a...
well, honestly.. i thought of looking for a boyfriend also.
but, i just don't feel right.
so... NO.. unless, timing, feeling and etc.
maybe i can, when everything goes right. =D

and where the hell is my valentine?
never celebrated valentine once in my life time.

blahh.. someone just stop me from blogging just now.
no more idea what i shall blog about.
I need my lappie now lahh ><

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