Wednesday, February 17, 2010


CNY eve

Leopard print is the new trend =P

got myself done with the manicure.
I D.I.M (Do It Myself),
surprisingly... it looks nice. xD
and it took me 5 hours to make it done.

the first day of CNY

the family wears polo tee on the first day 
of Chinese New Year. =D

did I ever mentioned about my maid to you guys?
the one on pink, bloody ngam cham one. ><

the family has a Barbeque gathering on the night.

the second day of CNY

Basketball before the dinner.


Dinner at somewhere near the beach.

The environment is nice but...

the sea water does not smell good,
and the food don't taste good.
not recommended ><


mummy and LooBabi.
Smile~ =)


mummy, Babi, Jung and Uncle Bill.


me the photographer =(
i wanna take a photo together.

candid!! ;P


posing upon photographers request. xD
the shin chan pose. HAHA!!


the siblings. =D
i kinda ruined the photo. but it's alright.
i don't care who cares, cause i just don't care. 
cause i finally get myself into the photos. xD


Aaron finally get himself from Singapore to PD.
swim all the way here. xD

and apparently, he loves Malaysia. xD

the family is looking for the crabs. LOL!!

Babi and the cousin.

After the dinner, Aaron, Justina and Tracia went back to Singapore.
and as usual, the family starts gambling again. LOL!!

the 4th day of CNY,

on the way back from PD to KL!!

I'm back to KL again.

ohh.. the title is nothing to do with the post.
cause i don't celebrate valentines'.
and it's non of my business.

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